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  • Liza Shevchuk

About the smokes - Niemendal

Because cigarettes played a crucial role in this movie, I had this idea to design the package. To use this space ( visually as a canvas) to tell something about the situation and to use it symbolically - the characters were stuck in prison in a strange relationship for God knows how long. Very fast the image of a door and keys arose. It happened almost immediately after reading the script. And the irony - of the ''without filter'' - really made it almost sad.

I soon approached Nordin Royackers, an acquaintance of mine, who later designed and developed cigarettes for "Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night out" a long feature we did in January 2016 - to develop this sketch and design the packages. Here are just some of his designs.

The director wanted something ''cheap'' and tasteless like from a local brand from a convenience store.

So at the end the light yellow one was chosen. After this movie, we decided if they smoke a lot in the film - we only use self designed cigarettes as for all space within the frame can be use creatively and tell us something about the characters or the situation the characters are in.

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