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  • Liza Shevchuk

Deconstructing "Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out!" Set # 4 - Cafe Nogwat

This location was set in an art deco bar, in Antwerp. The problem with the location was that everything was red, orange, brown and all the other colours that look horrific in black and white. I was the set decorator on this set and together with Bas Bonhof, the prop master and prop hunter for this movie, we were looking for a theme to unite the loose elements of the bar. Also the director, really wanted a jazzy atmosphere which was challenging because the location missed the jazzy lightness.

Bas had an interesting idea to use the port theme ( Antwerp is a port town which was always very important to me ) in the bar and I really wanted some shiny elements, to give that jazzy charm to it. We completely changed the bar and removed all the decorations from the walls. Changed the curtain to our silver custom made one and Samuel van Broekhoven created the sign and the letter type for the sign.

The bar scenes included geisha's, mummy, atomic bomb, explosions,.... all these things were provided by our team. It was a very interesting experience and we learned so much from those days.

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