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Deconstructing "Charlie and Hannah's Grand Night Out!" Set # 6 - The Book

The Book

This book was designed by Karen Ardila Olmos - graphic artist and illustrator of the film and me, Liza Shevchuk , production designer/set decorator and costume designer. It was a very interesting collaboration since we did all the meetings via Skype and went constantly back and forth on each image. Actually it was Bas Bonhof who came o me with the idea to check out Karen's work for this film. In the script it was clear from the start that the illustration have to be playful and easy to read from a screen where the time is limited. Karen did an amazing job and the book was such a beautiful prop! All the characters had to be simple but look like the actors at the same time. Karen never met the actors in real life and was limited to their pictures on facebook. It was challenging but so much fun to tell a story within a story.

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